Splash Page Podcast Summer Spectacular 2013 Volume 1

Tim Callahan and Chad Nevett are back for a short run of Splash Page Podcast Summer Spectacular 2013 shows and they’ve kicked things off with a five-hour marathon of comics discussion. Among the many, many topics discuss are: podcasting, the state of comics, X-Men comics, Daredevil: End of Days, Age of Ultron, Guardians of Galaxy, Fury: My War Gone By, reading comics when not writing about comics, Jupiter’s Legacy, random new comics, Marvel RPG, Forever Evil, some DC stuff, Matt Fraction Marvel comics, Hickman’s two Avengers titles, Thanos Rising, the new generation of comics readers, some recent movies, Rick Remender’s corner of the Marvel Universe, and, then, there’s like an hour or two about them talking about writing about comics, writing online, writing books, and more false endings than Return of the King (and more dated, unfunny jokes like that than you can imagine). And, it all kicks off with “We’re Hardcore” by Gord Downie.


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3 Responses to Splash Page Podcast Summer Spectacular 2013 Volume 1

  1. ADevilLogician says:

    Need More!!!! Please!!!

  2. Alex C says:

    David Mack didn’t co-write New Avengers: Illuminati. Brian Reed did. I’ve noticed that the people who like Bendis the most don’t even know obvious details of what they just read (skimmed through). I’ve liked his X-Men stuff so far, though.

  3. Alex C says:

    And I might have mentioned this to you guys years ago, but I think the difference between how mutants are feared and how other super-powered beings are (more generally) accepted has to do with randomness and control or lack thereof. Governments, corporations, and scientists can plan to create super-beings. They can’t plan for mutants. Mutants can pop up anywhere, with any powers, threatening planned society. So, distinct from the instinctive “racism” of the flatscan masses, that’s why powerful people would have reason to fear mutants. I realize that this is more of a No-Prize explanation, because it isn’t like anyone in the Marvel Universe really acknowledges this rationale, but it makes a ton of sense to me.

    Chad, I’m not sure I grasp what you’re saying about “fighting Apocalypse (as avatar of evolution)” being the same as “fighting against humanity’s best interests”. Apocalypse (amongst many other real-world evolutionist thinkers) definitely perceives humanity as “something to be overcome”. It’s quite natural to postulate that evolution will lead to the extinction of everything we know of as humanity.

    Anyway, I’m just catching up on these now. Best wishes to both you guys for the New Year.

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