The Splash Page was a comic book discussion podcast hosted by two esteemed critics Tim Callahan and Chad Nevett on a generally weekly basis. It started life as a written column on the Sequart website in early 2008 (and also occasionally on Comic Book Resources) and bloomed into the podcast in early 2010. The podcast became notable for it’s rather blunt and honest criticisms of both the comics themselves and the industry that houses them as well as the state of criticism in general. This approach stood in stark contrast to much of the other content in the comics podcasting landscape at the time which had become more and more prone to sycophantic behavior. One standout episode featured the one and only interview the podcast ever conducted which was with comics creator Joe Casey in Late 2010. The podcast officially came to a close with Episode 50 in May of 2011 but the pair still occasionally get together and record an episode for old times sake.

archive created and maintained by joey aulisio

thanks to shawn starr, and daniel wu for help with the lost files.


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